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Covid19, Telehealth & MBS Item Numbers - 22 April 2020 - CQWBSCPHN - Webinar 1

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    Section 2, Lesson 165
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    2 – 🎦 ‘Engaging your active patient population base for safe in practice consultations – with Heart Foundation – 27 May 2020 Copy

    Katrina Otto October 7, 2020

    Learning Objectives

    1. Discuss current patient reluctance for face to face consults and identify opportunities for patient education/ reassurance about management of their health during COVID-19 pandemic
    2. Outline how to effectively use an Absolute Cardiovascular Risk Approach and develop a patient management plan as a part of the Heart Health Check for patients at low, medium and high risk of cardiovascular disease.
    3. Demonstrate how to use a business approach to maximise practice resources in conducting absolute risk assessments and Heart Health Checks.
    4. Identify eligible patients and refer to the ‘My Health for Life’ (MH4L) program.

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